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Current Projects

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Our mission is to be a single source e-commerce development partner to your business. As a single source e-commerce partner, we provide a "One Stop Shop" that offers all-in-one solutions to your e-commerce needs.

ATG has the flexibility to to meet these needs, from setting up your domain to designing your site and storefront and implementing e-commerce to hosting it on reliable servers. Electronic Commerce is growing daily and is expected to reach 95 billion dollars by end of 2005! We at ATG recognize that as the Internet grows, businesses need to be able to grow with it. ATG can integrate a shopping cart system, to your existing site or create a whole new site that reaches out to people, all the while encompassing your e-Commerce solution!

All of ATG's sites are customized to your business needs. We have the ability to give your business robust database driven sites. Since your site will be custom built, it is specific to your business needs, allowing you to be more creative and functional. Some examples of this are:

Inventory control

Ability for you and your customers to track orders

Shipping made easy by tying in with the major shipping companies

Easy management of daily orders





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