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Current Projects

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ATG is fully staffed with services professionals who can implement your ideas and get marketing campaigns out the door quickly and efficiently. We can support the full campaign development lifecycle, from HTML email coding to live campaign launches and reporting. We employ proven methodologies and processes to ensure we meet your expectations regarding budget, timeline, and quality.

An email inbox is a very noisy environment, with calendars, notes and folders all competing with the actual emails for space. Given that a reader may only ever see your subject line before deciding whether to read your email, you canít afford to waste time. We make sure that your emails show right away why they are worth reading.

We take all the pain out of list management by handling the messy stuff like bounces and unsubscribes automatically. Whether you've got a small list, or need to get your hands dirty with segmenting and personalization, we've got you covered.

Great looking reports that let you measure the effectiveness of every campaign you send. Go beyond opens and link clicks and measure your campaign related sales, conversions and ROI with our Google Analytics integration. We even show you what email clients your subscribers are using.





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